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At its core, every project needs to find a balance between three key elements: time, budget and quality. At the outset, we create a detailed scope of work with you to make clear the specific process we will undertake and expectations for all parties. This scope becomes part of our formal proposal to you, which reflects that key balance of elements. From our experience, this translates to accurate scope, transparency of work, and ultimately excellent value to you.

Regardless of the size of your business or your level of experience with design and construction, our team will be a partner and a professional guide. As you are an expert in your business, we seek to learn from you too, and translate that into a process and a project that not only achieves your goals, but adds to your business’s and staff’s well being and drive to thrive!


We partner up with your team, including any of your contractors and engineers, to help execute your projects. We discuss timelines, budget, and any design parameters you have. Our extensive experience with developers and adaptable approach allows us to cater to your specific needs while advising on how to best to deliver your project with professionalism and great service.


As a government and/or non-profit organization, we don’t just look at the project with you but work to understand unique factors concerning fiscal timing and responsibility, operational constraints, standards, reporting, and any complexities regarding multiple sub groups, stakeholder engagement and management. From this understanding we create a plan to execute quality work with quality service.

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Our Process
Pre-design Phase

We come into every project with a personal approach. Meeting you, your team and contractors to learn about your needs in the context of the project. Then we create a scope proposal including a layout process considering functional programming, design intent, budgeting, timing, technical investigation and assessment of the building.

Schematic Design & Drawing Development

Creativity, conversations and plenty of multiplatform drawing to bring your project to life: site plans, floor plans, elevations, massing representation, approximate areas, functionalities and systems. From collaborative, iterative and involved processes, to concise, practical and straightforward translation of standards and needs. We adapt to your way of work, all to turn your goals and ideas into architecture.


With approved designs, we develop detailed instructions on how the building goes together. Applying multiple strategies for quality control, engineer oversight with open conversations for every step until completion of key items such as budgets, permits and strategies for delivery.


Providing impartial and professional input, we assist contractor selection processes, contract creation and permit application. Followed by assistance and oversight of execution as construction progresses. As a project nears its end, we play an essential role in establishing a project’s legally defined completion.

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