We own our Legacy of great service and quality project delivery. Constantly evolving to bring rigour, critical thinking, creativity and personality to the forefront.

Established in 1974.

Our focus from the beginning has been collaboration, working closely with our clients and our respective design teams to bring professionalism, quality management and enjoyment to the process and the project.

Meet OUR team

Cooper Rankin’s legacy inspires the crew to keep exploring new capabilities in architecture and beyond. Finding room for growth and expression within the industry.

Todd Chernomas
Principal Architect

Todd is a natural leader who believes deeply in the connection between who he is as a human being and how to run a practice. Genuine and passionate at his core, he embraces his uniqueness, competitiveness, charisma, curiosity, sensitivity, creativity, and critical nature to grow himself, his team, and the projects CRAI takes on.

These strengths are not just inherent in Todd. With dual masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Design, Chair of the Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba (YCLM), and a member of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, his thirst for knowledge academically and socially frequently brings him to interesting places, knowledge bases and people, enhancing his own abilities and his firm’s.

As a sole proprietor with a great, growing team, award-winning projects, and consistently happy, repeat clients, the results already speak for themselves, but he remains unwavering in his drive for the betterment of himself, the firm, and its clients.

Shaun Cummings
MAA Architect

Shaun is a rare combination of a driven architect with a business sense and an artist who designs to push boundaries and create spaces that move people.  Working as a practicing architect and running a high-level business for over 20 years, Shaun brings an approach to design that balances these aspects, filling a critical role in the development of the project.  

As design lead, Shaun will work closely with Todd, Dan and the team during pre-construction, and then
continue to be involved where the design and execution of the project and its materials are concerned.

Dana Peters
Architect Technician

Calm, in control, fearless, direct, and jovial, Dana gets shit done. When working with her, you know you’re going to get what you want with style and timeliness and have fun doing it.   

Starting with interior design and shifting into architecture, Dana ran her own company for five years, giving her the skills to put the pro in project lead.  With her keen senses and experience beyond her years in project variety, she is the office go-to for design palettes.  

To complement her professionalism and fun, Dana has an inherent sensitivity to others that adds a subtle yet delightful ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the experience and projects for those she works with.  

Dan Dufault
MAA MARAIC Architect

Don’t be fooled by his propensity for sarcasm and ‘dad jokes’; Dan is among the most technically sophisticated Architects you will ever meet.  With an irrepressible curiosity, coupled by an uncanny ability to learn and apply new/diverse fields of knowledge, Dan creates an environment to continuously teach others alongside navigating complex project requirements to successful outcomes.

In addition to 10+ years at an architectural practice, Dan has remained connected to the construction industry over the last 20 years working in areas ranging from carpentry, electrical, and landscaping construction to leading product design for innovative contemporary precast concrete site furnishings.

The wealth of experience he brings to projects positions Dan as an architect skilled beyond his years. As one of Cooper Rankin’s leaders, his talents directly complement Todd’s, with a longstanding friendship that enhances the office’s practice and culture.

Janelle Thompson
Office Manager

With an education and career in fashion and furniture, including the science and business behind it, Janelle has been involved in design all along, while gaining experience and perspective from related industries.  The uniqueness of her experience is reflected in her character and skill set, making her ideal for a unique position in our firm.  

A veritable ‘Jill of all trades’, Janelle adapts to the great breadth of the firm’s needs quickly, independently, and patiently, calling on her experience, intelligence, and communication with ease.  If you get to speak to her, you’ll quickly notice her quirky charm.  If you get to experience her office management skills, you’ll quickly notice that charm belies her organization, balanced temperament, and effectiveness with all she is involved in.

Obioma (Obi) Ordor

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