We own our Legacy of great service and quality project delivery. Constantly evolving to bring rigour, critical thinking, creativity and personality to the forefront.

Established in 1974.

Our focus from the beginning has been collaboration, working closely with our clients and our respective design teams to bring professionalism, quality management and enjoyment to the process and the project.

Meet OUR team

Cooper Rankin’s legacy inspires the crew to keep exploring new capabilities in architecture and beyond. Finding room for growth and expression within the industry.

Todd Chernomas
Principal Architect

Todd is a natural leader who believes deeply in the connection between who he is as a human being and how to run a practice. Genuine and passionate at his core, he embraces his uniqueness, competitiveness, charisma, curiosity, sensitivity, creativity, and critical nature to grow himself, his team, and the projects CRAI takes on.

These strengths are not just inherent in Todd. With dual masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Design, Chair of the Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba (YCLM), and a member of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, his thirst for knowledge academically and socially frequently brings him to interesting places, knowledge bases and people, enhancing his own abilities and his firm’s.

As a sole proprietor with a great, growing team, award-winning projects, and consistently happy, repeat clients, the results already speak for themselves, but he remains unwavering in his drive for the betterment of himself, the firm, and its clients.

Shaun Cummings
MAA Architect

An experience seeker, Shaun enjoys architecture which makes him want to reach out and touch. From monumentalism to minimalism, looking for a purpose in the presence of design elements. He was an architect even before knowing it.

His curiosity for life led him to run his own company since 2000, as part of our team he brings a unique vision of form and volume that inspires uninhibited exploration in purposely created designs for our clients.

Shaun is inspired by music and uses it as a neurological tool that can shift moods and perception to deepen thought and unlock paths of creativity. An ability that turned him into the master when it comes to keeping our projects reflecting compassion and design as ingredients for a bright future.

Dana Peters
Architect Technitian

She grew up painting, drawing, and finding the passion for the industry at age 5, this is what she was meant to do. Inspired by the hospitality industry she is driven to design beautiful, organized and well curated hotels and restaurants.

She comes from a background in interior design and drafting, owning her own company for over 5 years herself. Knowing Todd in past work, it was meant to be that they would work together again. Her client focused vibe and bright attitude aligns with everything that Cooper Rankin is.

Dan Dufault
MAA MARAIC Architect

Sort of “falling into” architecture, Dan found his passion through mathematics, fine arts, and carpentry but it wasn’t till he met the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba that he knew it was a good fit.

Dan’s experience comes from his extensive knowledge in construction for 20+ years. Along with architecture, he’s worked in precast concrete product design/research, development, carpentry, electrical, landscaping, and surveying.

He sees the world in a series of puzzles and systems, being able to figure out how to tune and interconnect the systems at play. Finding inspiration in mid-century modern architecture, seeing how design should flow from program connection to the interaction of spaces.

Dan wants to create a collaborative learning environment focusing on mentorship and teaching, which he practices day by day at the firm.

Devander Devander
Architect Technitian

An introspective creator driven by knowledge and growth, the youngest member of our team has mastered solid experience in landscaping and architecture, bringing versatility to designs and structures by exploring materials and ideas of modern architecture.

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