Architectural Technician


Luciana is a registered architect in Brazil and a recent graduate from the Red River Collegiate Civil Engineering Technology Program. Luciana’s curiosity and passion for architecture and building is rooted in her world travels. Having grown up in Brazil, lived in Stockholm, and now residing in Winnipeg, she has been exposed to a variety of architectural styles. Out of the cities she has been to, Barcelona has her favourite architecture. She sees the beauty in the intersection of modern and past architecture with the unique urban planning. As a child, it amazed her that a drawing could be the guide to build such complex buildings. Luciana was inspired to work in architecture because she wanted to be part of the team responsible for putting together a construction. In addition to her strong drawing skills, she has a worldly and diverse approach to projects, bringing a unique perspective to our team.

Luciana would love to swap places with a contractor for a day so she could experience the process of building what she has designed.

If she could work and learn from any architect, it would be Joao Filgueiras. Filgueiras is a well-known and established architect in Brazil, where Luciana is from. She is particularly interested in hospital architecture, and she believes that Filgueiras mastered this discipline.

If Luciana could visit anywhere in the world, it would be Greece: “I would like to see its ancient historic sites”.