Cooper Rankin Architecture is a long-established firm with a unique mix of experience and young talent.  We provide comprehensive, innovative service in achieving our primary goal as a firm: making you, the client, happy and successful.  

Through understanding your needs and desires, we can generate excellent value to you by accurately providing the services you want.  To achieve this, we start with three different types of service delivery.  Each type revolves around three criteria: quality of design, schedule and cost control.  These types provide a starting point for our conversation on how to prioritize the criteria to best serve you.


With Q & C service, we start with your budget and schedule.  We then meet and build a project plan around those two key criteria.  Then we make it happen.  We streamline design, drawings, permitting, and construction timelines, working closely with you, the permit authority and the contractor so as a team we deliver the project quickly and cost effectively.

Ideal for: multi-family residential, leasable space for retail/office/industrial tenants (click the associated images for examples)


In addition to establishing a detailed account via meeting(s) of what is required for your project, we begin with a meticulous review of any organizational standards and existing project site(s) to clearly define the scope of work and establish a comprehensive project plan.  We then execute this plan via a strong integrated design process from start to finish.

Ideal for: Institutional projects, Industrial, retrofit work, chain retail and hospitality


When your project is a place that is a key to your emotional, physical and financial well-being, we take you through a process that informs us not just what you need but why and how you and your staff, clients, and customers, will benefit from the project. As a home away from home, we understand you are heavily invested and knowledgeable on the subject of your own project.  Our professional experience, thorough process, and strong communication help you better express your expertise on design terms.  We then use our expertise to create a project that looks, functions and even feels the way you want it to.

Ideal for: Business (office, retail, hospitality, industrial), targeted multi-family residential (elderly care, student housing, etc.)

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