Cooper Rankin Architecture is a long-established firm encompassing a unique mix of experience and young talent. We strive to use modern technology and techniques to provide added value and comprehensive. innovative service in achieving our primary goal as a firm. making you. the client. happy.

Through understanding and catering to your needs and desires, we can generate excellent value to you by accurately providing the services you require. This is reflected in everything from the way we structure our fees to the speed of our schedule to the look and function of our design. To achieve this, we offer three different types of service delivery:



Optimal Project Types multi-family residential with minimal amenities, base-building space for retail. office and/or industrial tenants. projects with multiple buildings/units of the same type

The Process. With ASAP service, we focus on achieving your schedule not just for the drawings but to project completion We streamline design. drawings. permitting. and construction timelines. working closely with you. the permit authority and the contractor so as team we deliver the project ASAP In minimizing time. ASAP service is frequently our lowest fee of the three options



The Process: Our diligence and design service begins with a meticulous review of any organizational standards and existing project site(s) to clearly define the scope of work and establish a comprehensive project plan. We then execute this plan via a strong integrated design process from start to finish.



Optimal Project Types: owner-operated businesses (commercial, office, industrial), multi-family residential with amenities, location, or demographic specific goals.

The Process: To begin the design service we sit down with you to understand you and your goals for the project. not just what you want but the who and the why behind it. Then we create a tailored research and design process to translate your goals into a functional program and design which we continue to review and refine with you to completion of the drawings.

Note: Our ASAP and design services can be combined. In this situation we determine a point at which we complete the design (with your approval) and switch to time sensitive schedule.



We are driven by the common ground between ourselves and our clients, creating a great project that achieves your needs and goals. Fortunately for us (and you). we recognize the best way to do this is also the most exciting: collaborating with you and translating those goals into a great design, followed by turning that design into reality

At Cooper Rankin. excellent service is what we do. Whether you are very experienced or have never been involved in design or construction. we listen, educate, and collaborate with you from beginning to end. A key component to our excellent service is being responsive via email. phone and even face to face. So what makes us unique?

As a small firm our relative overhead is low. This has a two-fold advantage, lower fees to you and/or more fee dedicated directly to design and service.

With three principals. you will always have at least one on your team working directly with you, giving you confidence that your project will be completed to meet your expectations at a high professional standard.

We have three highly capable principals and a diverse staff, and we are uniquely built to provide maximum value to you, our client.

We are always evolving our time-tested practice to optimize efficiency and quality. With the right tools and processes we can provide better value to you in the form of what we enjoy doing most and collaborating with you to create a great project.

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